• December 27, 2021

The success story of Marilyn Monroe

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The success story of Marilyn MonroeJust about everyone knows who Marilyn Monroe is during her charming but short life, she has accomplished quite a lot, but not everyone knows what day she was born. Her life was full of hardships, Marilyn Monroe had a very difficult childhood.

The success story of Marilyn Monroe
The success story of Marilyn Monroe

Being a mentally unstable mother, an unknown father who left the family before giving birth. She spent her childhood in an orphanage and many foster homes, she grew up and never felt love and affection. Her mother was out of hospitals and could not take care of her. And growing up that way, she couldn’t help feeling it different.

As I grew up, I knew that I was different from other children, because there were no such kisses, or promises in my life, he became lonely in shame, and at one point he didn’t live that way anymore Can, and had to consider the worst.

Marilyn Monroe when she was 16 years old

After the age of 16, her foster parents had to move to California, so to avoid going to an orphanage or other home, she decided to marry, but her husband married the Marines, and she earned. Started working in a factory For a living, her marriage broke up, but in that factory, she got her first major break.

When a photographer took some pictures of him during work, his life changed forever. She was impressed by her beauty, and it really helped with her career as a model, but it was not as easy as it seems.

At first she was rejected several times by modeling agencies, and told that she does not have what she takes, and that she should be a secretary, but she did not respond, she became popular, thanks to her career in the film In the industry, she wanted to become an actress, so she took drama lessons and got her first film contract with 20th Century Fox,

and during her first year at Fox, she did not appear in any of the films, and sadly The thing is that her contract was not renewed, she was told that she was not beautiful, or talented enough to be an actress, but as I said, after a few short film roles no longer responded, she got 20 Seven-year contract was awarded with Fox, and soon, Marilyn Monroe became one of the best-known actresses of all time. In the end, the girl living in an orphanage in many foster homes became a global icon.

Despite his unfortunate passing

Despite his unfortunate passing at a relatively young age. His legacy is still alive, he still remains unforgettable even decades after his death, and it got me thinking about the cycle of life, how we are here today, and the next day we went like that, How expensive we are and how we got life. Life is short with morning regrets, so love those who treat you right.

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Forgive those who do not believe and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, let it change your life. Let me tell you, nobody said that it will be easy. He only promised that it was worth it, so if you are watching it, leave the loincloth of love and wash your body and hug yourself and smile again, you are doing great.

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